WGSN Color of the Year 2023: Here's the shade experts predict you'll be embracing this year

Announced as WGSN Color of the Year 2023, this is the shade experts believe will be everywhere in the next 12 months

WGSN Color of the Year 2023 street style examples and Victoria Becham runway
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World Global Style Network, aka WGSN has announced its WGSN Color of the Year 2023 and it's a shade you might be familiar with. Expected to be hugely popular in terms of style and design over the next 12 months, the choice was part of a collaborative project between Coloro + WGSN, utilizing WGSN's trend forecasting knowledge and Coloro's color innovation expertise. 

WGSN is one of the world's leading trend-forecasting platforms, focusing on fashion and design. The brand monitor and forecasts trends before they happen, working a number of seasons in advance. Meaning they essentially know what we'll be wearing and when before it's hit the shelves. As we take our first steps into the new year, there are a number of fashion color trends unfolding and alongside the Pantone Color of the Year 2023, we now have the WGSN Color of the Year 2023, which helps to set the tone (or shade shall we say) for the year ahead. 

Listed as Digital Lavender, the WGSN Color of the Year 2023 is very much a continuation from last year's runaway lilac success, which saw pale and pastel purple hues infiltrate fashion, handbag trends, shoe trends, and even homeware, such was its status. A continuation of that same thread, this gender-inclusive hue is both calming and restorative, and while its fashion commodity remains high, it is also expected to infiltrate technology, wellness and lighting in the coming year.

WGSN Color of the Year 2023: Digital Lavender

Representing wellness and escapism, Digital Lavender is a relaxing pastel purple and is born out of the continued demand from consumers to put mental health and well-being front and center. With purple tones still a major trend for the coming months, Digital Lavender is expected to see continued success in the fashion world and you can easily add it to your wardrobe right now. 

WGSN Color of the Year 2023 examples on runway for Salvatore Ferragamo, Victoria Beckham and Paul & Joe

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Spotted on the runway at the likes of Ferragamo, Victoria Beckham and Paul & Joe, to name just a few, there's no denying that WGSN Color of the Year 2023, of Digital Lavender has already proved a huge hit with the fashion crowd. This purple hue as a unique ability, thanks to its pastel, calming feel to team with almost any color. Acting like a neutral such as a white, it works with punchy tones of orange and green, while simultaneously pairing effortlessly with camel, navy, black and whites too. Want to embrace Digital Lavender? Here's how to wear the WGSN Color of the Year 2023. 

1. Digital Lavender Sweaters

The best sweaters are the ideal way to slip the WGSN Color of the Year 2023 into your closet. Wearable for smart or casual occasions, a soft, pastel sweater is a great way to embrace spring. Team with a pair of the best mom jeans in a light wash, to lean into the relaxed and hazy feel of the trend, or take note of the denim trends and create a winning denim skirt outfit by half tucking your sweater into the waistband for added polish.  

Want to make this Digital Lavender look office-ready? Pair a lavender crew neck knit with a pair of wide leg grey or navy trousers for a directional but professional take on the trend. 

2. Digital Lavender Coat

Updating your outerwear with an on-trend coat is the easiest way to inject the latest coat trends 2023 into your wardrobe. As we head into a new season, you might be retiring your best winter coat, in search of the ideal spring option and thanks to its calming and bright feel, lavender is a great way to embrace the coming months. Whether you opt for one of the best wool coats - such as an unlined cocoon or tailored style of the office, or want a lighter weight trench coat, you can layer this piece with tonally matching items or contrast with darker pieces.

3. Digital Lavender Bottoms

Whether you're preference is for skirts or pants, utilizing the WGSN Color of the Year 2023 through is a speedy way to update your closet. Pants and skirts in lavender are pretty widely available and will work wonderfully with a basic white t-shirt or a white shirt as we head towards spring, offering instant freshness. And despite it's youthful leanings, Digital Lavender will work just as well in an over 50s capsule wardrobe too.

4. Digital Lavender Dresses

The best dresses are key to any capsule wardrobe and for the new season, at least one of your updates should involve a lavender dress. Ideal for occasion wear, this hue makes for some of the best wedding guest dresses, but can also be easily integrated into smart casual outfit ideas for spring and summer too. 

5. Digital Lavender Blazers

Colored blazers have been big news for some time and if you've invested in the best blazers in a rainbow of hues, how about adding a Digital Lavender version to your closet. Ideal with denim, they can also be slipped on over dresses to give a spring-ready feel. Just remember to consider proportions to ensure your frame isn't overwhelmed. Skinny or straight leg jeans, or a fitted dress or skirt can work with a slightly more relaxed fit blazer, while flares or A-line skirts need to be paired with a tailored silhouette. 

6. Digital Lavender Accessories

Looking to embrace this season's shoe, handbag or jewelry trends? Adding Digital Lavender to your ensemble will instantly give any outfit spring appeal. As lavender is veering on a neutral, you'll find that it is an easy hue to inject with numerous other neutrals, offering a little pop of color without feeling overwhelming. But the for the chicest way to wear the WGSN Color of the Year 2023, try going head to toe tonal lavender, for a look that's utterly runway-ready.

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