Move over Hugo Spritz, Lillet Spritz is here to steal your summer crown!

The Lillet Spritz is the summer aperitif you need to try - and it's sweeter than Aperol

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Here's how to make the increasingly popular Lillet Spritz, a sweeter alternative to the Aperol Spritz.

We're all over the trend of making spritzes for any and all occasions - but it's well-know that the Aperol Spritz, arguably the most popular of the spritz family, can be a bit contentious, as Aperol has a fairly acquired, bitter taste. For those who don't like the Aperol Spritz, we might suggest the Hugo Spritz - a drink similar to the Aperol Spritz but with St. Germain as the aperitif liquor, giving a slightly sweeter and more floral taste to the drink. 

Or, if you know what's what on TikTok, you may have seen the buzzy Lillet Spritz (and all of its counterparts, including the Lillet Blanc Spritz and the Lillet Rose Spritz) trending. 


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What's the difference between a Lillet Spritz and an Aperol Spritz?

Where an Aperol Spritz leans a bit more on the bitter side, a Lillet Spritz is your sweeter, more crowd-pleasing alternative. While both the drinks are set over ice and only include a few ingredients, the Lillet Spritz is more fragrant, and lighter on the palate than the Aperol Spritz, as Aperol tends to be a bit of a polarizing taste for some. 

Folks have compared the Lillet Spritz to a vodka and soda - light, refreshing, and luckily, not laden with calories. 

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How to Make a Lillet Spritz

First and foremost, the primary ingredient of this simple cocktail recipe is, of course, Lillet French Aperitif.

The recipe for the delicious Lillet Spritz is as follows, according to the Lillet brand:

-2.5 parts of your preferred Lillet Aperitif (Blanc for a less sweet version, Rosé for a sweeter taste)

-2.5 parts your favorite club soda (we recommend a sparkling water like Nixie Organic Seltzers if you don't prefer club soda brands)

-recommended orange slice for garnish

Making a Lillet Spritz simply could not be easier - combine the Lillet and club soda, a and then garnish with an orange slice for added citrus flavour. You can also muddle some other citrus, or even some strawberries into your drink to spruce up the flavour as well. 

Lillet Spritz Kit, £55 ($70) | ReserveBar

Lillet Spritz Kit, £55 ($70) | ReserveBar

The Lillet Spritz Kit includes a bottle of Lillet Rosé, a bottle of FeverTree Soda, a set of spritz glasses, a picnic blanket, a cloth tote, and most importantly, a recipe card for the drink of the summer.

For those wishing to indulge in the delicious drink while the warm weather lasts, Lillet offers a convenient Lillet Spritz Picnic Kit that includes all of the essentials you'll need to make the refreshing cocktail.

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