Follow the 'jawline rule' to get the best ponytail of your life

TikTok strikes again with a viral beauty hack that has totally changed the game for us

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The viral TikTok "jawline rule" is the ultimate hack for getting a perfect ponytail every time - here's how to use it.

Ponytails are a hairstyle that, while meant to be an easy fix for a bad hair day, can often give us quite a bit of grief. Wear it too high and you're scraping against cheerleader territory, but wear it too low and you might be serving colonial soldier energy. Needless to say, it's a fine line - but we just discovered a new hack from TikTok that, when executed, ensures perfect ponytail height every. single. time. 

The 'jawline rule' essentially states that, when you align your ponytail height with your jawbone, you're in for a flawless style that's flattering for your face. 


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So, how do you put this hack into practice. First, start by tracing your jawline from the center of your chin, and follow that line back behind your ears in a straight line until you reach the middle of the back of your head. That is where your ponytail should sit.

Depending on your jaw structure, this could vary from person to person in terms of how high or low this hack might situate your perfect ponytail, but is worth following nonetheless for a chic pony every time. Plus, by developing a routine in perfecting your ponytail height, you might just create for yourself a signature ponytail that all of your friends will envy - and that's pretty stylish if you ask us. 

And according to  Mahogany Grace, an NYC-based hair stylist who spoke with PureWow, this hack is especially great for those who may not have the most skill when it comes to hairstyling - because, let's face it, if we could be doing fabulous hairstyles every day, we would, but we can't. 

"For someone who is not accustomed to pulling their hair back/up, this trick is a great starting point for creating the perfect ponytail. Following the jawline should bring your pony slightly above the occipital bone—that positioning is ideal for a softer more playful look," she said.

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Another great aspect of this hack is that it works with any hair texture, whether you range from straight and thin as can be, to thick and curly - simply treat your hair as you usually would with your favourite hairstyling products and then proceed to using this hack. 

Overall, the jawline rule is a great way of pulling your hair back to a place that helps give your face that snatched, facelift look - without the actual work of a facelift. And, of course, don't forget to secure your signature pony with your chic hair tie du jour!

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