Is Meghan Markle making a return to Instagram? Here’s why some folks believe she might already be there

Is the former Duchess back on social media?

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People are wondering if Meghan Markle might be making a return to Instagram, although some fans have recently speculated that she has already snuck her way onto the app.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live quite the private and elusive lifestyle - for the most part. This is mostly due to the fact that neither of them have a public social media presence, so if you haven't read Harry's memoir Spare, or watched their joint Netflix series Harry and Meghan, you might feel largely left in the dark about what goes on in the lives of these former working royals. 

It has been speculated, however, that aside from rumours of Meghan re-starting her old lifestyle blog The Tig, the Suits star might also be making a return to Instagram - unless, of course, she is already secretly there. 


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According to a report by Marie Claire and sources who spoke to Page Six, it’s highly speculated that the former Duchess has created an Instagram account with the not-so-subtle handle of @meghan

Although at first thought, this seems intriguing, it becomes less so when you go to the account and see no pictures - not even a profile image indicating that it could be Meghan's account. Although, the profile image does appear to be a group of pink peonies - Meghan's favourite flower.

While no one from their immediately family, including the Royal family as an extension, has revealed or even commented on the revelation of this account, it didn't take long for the account to garner a following of over 118,000. 

So although this seems like a fairly unimpressive discovery, we did notice that some pretty big names and close connections to Meghan are following the account, including activist Malala Yousafzai, as well as the royal duchess’s close friend and former colleague Mandana Dayani.

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Before joining the royal family, Meghan did have her own personal Instagram account, @meghanmarkle, where she posted information and images of her personal life, and primarily images from her starring role on Suits. She also regularly posted to her lifestyle blog, The Tig, which she also relinquished after she became a royal. Her social media presence then bled into the joint royal profile @sussexroyal, which she shared with Harry - but is no longer in use, due to the pair refusing their former royal duties.

According to the New York Post, should Meghan's new account be real, she is expected to make about $1 million per post. "You have celebrities like the Kardashians who can command $1 million and up for a single post promoting a product. There is no reason Meghan couldn’t be earning those sorts of fees," social media expert Eric Schiffer said.

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